Philatelic Literature

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  2018 Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps
  World of Stamps
  Stamp Collectors Guide Book

The following books are not manufactured by us. We provide this list as was supplied to us. Some books may be in limited quantity or out of print and no longer available. Please ask about availability by phone or e-mail if you are interested in any of these books.

  the Bickerdike Machine Papers
  B.N.A. Topics Magazines
  Admiral Cancels
  the Admiral Issue of Canada
  the Airmails of Canada & Newfoundland
  Canada & the Universal Postal Union
  Canada: B.N.A. Philately
  Canada Constant Precancel Varieties
  the Canada Precancel Handbook
  Canada Post Offices 1755 - 1895
  Canada Postal Act & Post Offices 1878 & the Canada Split Ring Proofs
  Canada Special Delivery
  Canada - The 1967 - 1973 Definitive Issue
  Canada: The Admiral Issue 1911 - 1925
  Canada: The War Tax Stamps
  Canadian Definitives
  Canadian Fancy Cancellations of the 19th Century
  the Canadian Lathework Design
  Canadian Mail by Rail 1836 - 1867
  Canadian Military Post Offices to 1993
  Canadian Philatelic Handbook
  the Canadian Postage Due Stamps
  the Canadian Posted Letter Guide, The Classic Period 1851 - 1902
  the Canadian Revenue Stamp Catalogue 2001 Edition
  Canadian Stamp Booklets: Dotted Cover Dies 1935 - 1955
  Canadian Stamp Handbooks
  Canadian Stamps with Perforated Initials
  Canadian Tagged Errors & Tagged Perfins
  Catalogue of Canadian Railway Cancellations
  Colour Guide for 3 Small Queen
  Constant Plate Varieties of the Canadian Small Queens
  Darnell Canadian Catalogues
  Early American Perforating Machines & Perforations 1857 - 1867
  the Early Rapid Cancelling Machines of Canada
  the Encyclopeaedia of British Empire Postage Stamps
  the Mystery of the Prince Edward Queen
  Newfoundland Specialized 2002 Catalogue
  Northwest Territories Postal Cancellations 1907 - 1986
  the Nova Scotia Post: It's Offices, Masters and Marks - 1700 - 1867
  Ontario Post Offices
  the Pioneer & Semi-Official Air Stamps of Canada 1918 - 1934
  Pioneers of Canada, The People on Her Stamps
  Postage Stamp Identifier
  the Postage Stamps & Cancellations of P.E.I.
  the Postal History of the District of Assiniboia 1882 - 1905
  Postcard Literature
  the Post Offices & Postmarks of London, Ontario
  Post Offices of Alberta
  Post Offices of New Brunswick 1783 - 1930
  the Post Offices of Vaughan Township, Ontario
  Reference Manual of B.N.A. Fakes, Forgeries & Counterfeits
  Sanabria North America - The World Airmail Catalogue
  Specialized Catalogue of Canada Post Official First Day Covers
  Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps
  the Squared Circle Postmarks of Canada
  the Stamp Bug
  the Stamp Collectors Handbook
  Stamps of British North America
  the Standard Canada Precancel Catalogue 2000 Edition
  Standard Catalogue of Canadian Booklet Stamps
  Steam & the North Atlantic Mails
  Strike, Courier & Local Post of the Elizabethan Era
  Supplement to the Tobacco Tax Paid Stamps of Canada & Newfoundland
  Territorial Assiniboia & Saskatchewan - The Westhaver-Thompson Collection
  Unitrade's Canada Simplified Stamp Catalogue
  Upper & Lower Canada Cross-Border Mail to 1851
  Webb's Postal Stationery of Canada & Newfoundland

Stamp Catalogues

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Worldwide Catalogues

  Scott Catalogues
  Stanley Gibbons Catalogues
  Linn's Catalogues

British Commonwealth Catalogues

  Stanley Gibbons Catalogues
  Krause Catalogues
  Len Jury Catalogues
  7 Seas Publishing Catalogues
United States Catalogues

  Scott Catalogues
  Harris Catalogues
  Krause / Minkus Catalogues
  Brookman Catalogues
  U.S.A. Handbooks

Miscellaneous Catalogues

  Yvert and Tellier Catalogues
  Ceres Catalogues
  Michel Catalogues

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