Stanley Gibbons Catalogues

British Commonwealth 2003:
VOLUME Description CDN Funds
Volume 1 1840 - 1952 Due October 2002 (approx. retail) $158.95
Volume 2 1952 to date will be covered by a series of one-country catalogues. (Illustrated in Black and White) TBA

Great Britain Specialized Stamp Catalogue:
CODE Description CDN Funds
G285 Vol. 1 Queen Victoria 11th Ed. $110.00
G286 Vol. 2 The Four Kings 10th Ed. $101.95
G2810 Vol. 3 Elizabeth II, Pre-Dec. 9th Ed. $86.50
G2820 Vol. 4 Elizabeth II, Dec. Def's. 8th Ed. $106.50
G2852 Vol. 5 Elizabeth II, Special Issue 3rd Ed. $119.50
G4844 Vol. 5 1998 - 1999 Supplement $45.55

Great Britain Concise Catalogue 2003 Ed.:
G2887 Published each April $74.95

King George VI Stamp Catalogue:
G2884 King George VI Stamp Catalogue $55.00

Collect British Stamps:
G289 2002 50th Edition $36.50

Collect Channel Islands Stamps:
G2855 2002 Edition $50.95

Collect Irish Stamps:
G4798 1st Edition $26.50

Collect Falkland Islands Stamps:
G0241 1st Edition $31.95
2001 Collecting British First Day Covers: $36.50

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