Stamp Mount Cutters

Mini Guillotine

Mini Guillotine Cuts strip heights up to 94mm (3-5/8")

$23.95 CDN

Hawid Guillotine:

Featuring: exact calibrations; cutting blade and plate of stainless steel; extension gauge and slide bar for size repetition; made of warp-free hard plastic. Cuts strip heights up to 259 mm (6")
CDN Funds
W604 Hawid Guillotine $96.95

Lindner Rotary Cutter:

Ideal for Philatelists. The Lindner rotary cutter with round safety blade. The base has cm. measurements across the top and down both sides. The Rotary cutter has an exchangeable cutting wheel that rotates in an enclosed head thereby avoiding accidents. Overall size 12-3/5 x 5-9/10" (320 x 150mm). Cutting width 12-3/5" (320mm)
801 Rotary Cutter $99.95
801M Replacement rotary cutting head $27.95

Lighthouse SF-Cutters: With attachable measuring scale
SF-CUTTER SMALL Guillotine Cutter up to 98 mm width $34.95
SF-CUTTER LARGE Guillotine Cutter up to 180 mm width $59.95

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