Perforation Gauges

Uni-Safe "Perfect" Gauge

The "Perfect" Gauge is the finest, most accurate and practical of gauges on the market. It's quick and easy to use. Printed on strong transparent plastic.
CDN Funds
U426 Uni-safe "Perfect" Gauge $2.95

Stanley Gibbons "Instanta" Gauge:
G2534 "Instanta" Gauge $18.95

Trafalgar Perforation Gauge:

Durable plastic gauge measures to perf. 20. Metric and Imperial measure imprinted on gauge.
U430T $3.95

Uni-safe "Clearvue" Gauge:

Clear plastic gauge measures stamps up to perf. 18. Millimeter and inch scales also on gauge.
U4271 Uni-safe "Clearvue" Gauge $2.75

Lindner Perforation Gauge:

With this revolutionary Phila gauge it is very easy to obtain the exact perforation owing to the teeth being raised. The lid of the box is intended for use as a watermark detector tray using watermark fluid. Each box comes complete with a small approval card that can be placed in the lid of the box. It thus becomes the ideal pocket box to take when buying stamps to check the perforations and watermarks and carry the stamps safely home.
2099 Phila-Combi-Box $36.95

Uni-safe Metal Perforation gauges:
U428 Uni-safe "Superior" Gauge with slot $1.50
U429 Uni-safe Perfecta Gauge $1.50

Bridger & Kay Cancellation Gauge:

Designed with two purposes in mind: To measure the diameter of a full or part circular cancellation and to give an easy form of reference for the letters or figures in a cancellation, thus enabling material to be compared by correspondence. Printed on clear plastic. Full instructions included.
U430 Bridger & Kay Cancellation Gauge $19.95

Stamp Position Finder:

The Position Finder is a lettered and numbered grid, engraved in reverse on clear transparent material. A useful gadget, simple to use, easily understood, it provides a standard indicator of every point in the printing of a stamp design in correspondence, books, and press writings. Supplied with full instructions for use.
U1500 Stamp Position Finder $6.95

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