Raytech Ultraviolet Lamps

The process of learning to use Ultra Violet lamps can be very frustrating unless you know the basics. Long wave shows fluorescent inks and papers. Shortwave shows tagged stamps. The power of the lamps makes a great deal of difference. Using a low cost lamp needs the viewer to focus very intently and allow the eyes to adjust to the differences in what you are looking for. It's there but sometimes you will swear it is not. With top end lamps, the difference jumps out at you, especially if you are using a lamp with both spectrums and are using both spectrums at the same time. Naturally, the more power, the more they cost.

LS-4 Ministar Lamp

Description CDN Funds
Has both long & shortwave that can be used at the same time. $499.95

View Boxes

These boxes are made of steel, has contoured eyepiece shield that blocks out light. A slipcurtain allows hands to hold stamps under the light. 10.5 x 12 inches x 10 inches high. Fits comfortably on a desk or table.

Description CDN Funds
U460 Will accommodate LS-7 Lamp $481.95
U461 Will accommodate LS-4 Lamp $481.95

LW-8L Ultraviolet Lamp

Description CDN Funds
Longwave maximum strength $423.95


Will hold lamps over desktop. Leaves both hands free to sort stamps.

Description CDN Funds
S1 will hold LS-7 Lamp $85.50
S4 will hold LS-4 Lamp $85.50

Versalume Ultraviolet Lamps

A new style battery powered lamp. Black card view box allows for hands free use in regular room light.

Description CDN Funds
PH-LW Longwave $120.50
PH-SW Shortwave $158.95

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